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If You Answer “Yes” To Any Of The Following Questions, Your Student Rights Have Been Violated And Our Handbook Could Be Helpful To You.




1.       Had A Teacher Embarrass You In Front Of The Class?        

2.       Lost Points, Grades Or Credits When Legally Absent?         

3.       Served Detention During Lunch Or On Saturday?    


4.       Had A Teacher Leave The Classroom For Long Periods Of Time?

5.       Had Your Grades Discussed Publicly In Class? 

6.       Been Required To Ride The Bus To A Game And Then Forced To Pay For That Ride? 



A “Yes” To These Questions Also Means That Your Student Rights Have Been Violated.




7.       Been Told That You Could Not Go To The Bathroom? 

8.       Been Denied Entrance To School Bathrooms For Long Periods Of Time? 

9.       Been Locked Out Of Class During Class?


10.   Been Required To Make Up Tests At Lunch?

11.   Been Disciplined Or Suspended For Wearing Hats When Outside Of The Classroom? 

12.   Been Required To Pay For Parking Spaces, For Caps And Gowns, For Locks Or Lockers, For A. P. Tests, For P. E. And Team Uniforms, For Class Supplies, For Instruments, For Program Changes Or For Student-Body Cards Before You Could Participate In Extra-Curricular Activities?   



More “Yes” Answers Mean More Violations.




13.   Been Punished For Expressing Your Opinion In Class? 

14.   Been Told That Your Grades Could Not Be Changed? 

15.   Been Suspended For Tardies Or Cutting? 


16.   Been Hazed At School? [Physically Harmed Or Personally Degraded Which Resulted In Physical Or Mental Harm.]

17.   Been Sexually Harassed At School?

18.   Been Harassed For Being Gay, Lesbian Or Transgender? 



If Your Answers Continue To Be “Yes”, Your Rights Continue To Be Violated.




19.   Been Given Laps Or Pushups As Punishment? 

20.   Had Administrators Make Up School Rules Without Asking For Student Opinions? 

21.   Been Stopped From Passing Out Petitions? 


22.   Been Suspended Without First Receiving A Conference To Explain Your Side? 

23.   Been Prohibited From Publishing A Controversial Article, An Alternative Newspaper, An Underground Newspaper Or From Soliciting Money For An Underground Newspaper? 

24.   Been Denied The Right To Have A Cell Phone While At School Or At A School Activity? 





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