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33rd Printing July 4, 2018







1.     American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California


a.      Advises Students About Their Civil Liberties

b.     39 Drumm St. San Francisco CA 94103

c.      415-621-2493, http://aclunc.org/


2.     American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California


a.      Advises Students About Their Civil Liberties

b.     Los Angeles CA 90026

c.      213- 977- 9500, http://www.aclu-sc.org/


3.     American Civil Liberties Union San Diego and Imperial Counties


a.      Advises Students About Their Civil Liberties

b.     619-232-2121

c.      http:/www.aclu.org/affiliates/californiasandiego


4.     American Civil Liberties Union, National

a.      Advises Students About Their Civil Liberties

b.     http://www.aclu.org


5.     Andrea Cook & Associates A Law Corporation


a.      Long Beach, Ca 90802

b.     Education Law

c.      Website


  1. Asian Pacific Islanders Legal Outreach


a.      415-567-6255: San Francisco CA - Main Office

b.     510-251-2846

c.      Oakland CA


7.     Bay Area Legal Services


a.      Working Poor, Youth, Seniors, Veterans…

b.     San Francisco to Livermore, Gilroy to Napa

c.      1735 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA 94612

d.     510-663-4755


8.     California Department Of Education Sacramento CA


a.      1430 N Street

b.     Sacramento, CA 95814


Educational Data Management Division


a.      Categorical Programs Complaints Management

b.     Jean Leonard

c.      JLeonard@cde.ca.gov

d.     T: 916-319-0929

e.      F: 916-319-0152


Educational Consultant Complaint Management


a.      Kerry Ruzicka

b.     kruzicka@cde.ca.gov


Uniform Complaint Procedures


a.      California Code of Regulations, Title 5

b.     Sec. 4600-4687

c.      http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cp/uc/

d.     Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) Brochure 

Uniform Complaint Procedures

Education Equity UCP Appeals Office


a.      Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying,

b.     Student Lactation Accommodations

c.      LGBTQ Resources

d.     916-319-8239


Uniform Complaint Procedures

Appealing School Board Decisions


a.      Office of Equal Opportunity

b.     Sharon Felix-Rochon, Director

c.      1430 N. St., Suite 4206

d.     Sacramento CA 95814

e.      916-445-9174


9.     For Complaint Help, Call Your County Bar Associations


10.  Declues, Burkett & Thompson


a.      Huntington Beach, Ca 92647-745

b.     Education Law, Free Consultations

c.      Website 


11.  East Bay Community Law Center


a.      Kate Weisburd, Director, Youth Defender Clinic

b.     2921 Adeline St.

c.      Berkeley CA 94703

d.     510-548-4040

e.      webinquiry@ebclc.org


12.  Ed Law Connect


a.      Insights On California Education Law

b.     http://edlawconnect.blogspot.com/

c.      See Student Issues.


13.  Educational Law Attorneys In California


a.      http://Www.Lawyers.Com/Education-Law/All-Cities/California/Lawyers-Law-Firms/?Site=466&Cid=Ppc:100&Ef_Id=Uvxvgaaabfpupw-0:20130809041516:S


14.  FCMAT, Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team


a.      Present Education Questions At

b.     https://csis.fcmat.org/contact/helpdesk/Pages/default.aspx  

c.      Submit Questions At Bottom Of Page


15.  Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance


a.      Student, Low-Income And Elderly Help

b.     615 California Avenue, Bakersfield, Ca 93304

c.      661-325-5943


16.  Kosnett Law Firm


a.      Los Angeles, Ca 90064

b.     Education Law

c.      Website

17.  Lambda Legal and Education Fund


a.      National: Civil Rights, Gay People, HIV…

b.     Los Angeles, CA  90010-1729

c.      213-382-7600, http://www.lambdalegal.org  



18.  Law Offices Of John F. Martin


a.      Walnut Creek, Ca 94597

b.     Free consultations 

c.      Website 925-322-2767


19.  Law Offices Of George I. Kita


a.      Cerritos, Ca 90703

b.     Education Law

c.      Website


20.  Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights


a.      Legal Services, Suspension/Expulsion,

b.     Low-Income Families

c.      San Francisco CA 94105; 415-543-9444

d.     info@lccr.com, www.lccr.com




21.  Legal Aid Bay Area, Oakland CA


a.      Alameda County Regional Office

b.     Youth Justice, Homeless, School, Health…

c.      Free Assistance For Low Income People

d.     1-800-551-5554


22.  Legal Advice


    1. Free, On Line, 24 Hour Service
    2. Jim Powers
    3. http://www.lawyermemo.com







  1. Legal Services For Children, Pro Bono Help


a.      Advancing The Rights Of Youth Since 1975

b.     1254 Market Street, 3rd Floor S. F. CA 94102

c.      415-863-37862, www.lsc-sf.org


24.  Michelle Ball, Education Law Attorney

a.      717 K Street, Suite 228

b.     Sacramento, CA 95814

c.      916-444-9064

d.     help@edlaw4students.com

e.      http://edlaw4students.blogspot.com


25.  NAACP


a.      National NAACP



b.     California NAACP Units For Legal Help



c.      California State Conference

1215 K Street Suite 1609

Sacramento, CA 95814

916 498-1898



  1. National Center For Youth Law


a.      405 14th St. 14th Floor

b.     Oakland CA 94612

c.      510-835-8098


27.  Nevers, Palazzo, Packard, Wildermuth & Wynner            


a.      Education Law

b.     Westlake Village, Ca 91361

c.      Website

d.     818-483-0195 


28.  Public Advocates Inc. San Francisco CA

Nonprofit Law Firm And Advocacy Group Addressing Poverty, Discrimination, Housing And Education Issues


a.      131 Steuart Street, Suite 300

b.     San Francisco, CA 94105

c.      Office: 415-431-7430


29.   Public Counsel Law Center

       The Nation's Largest Pro-Bono Law Firm


a.      Home Office Los Angeles CA 90005

b.     http://www.Publiccounsel.Org/Contact_Us

c.     213-385-2977

d.     Laura Faer, Director Public Counsel Law Center

e.      Education Rights Office Berkeley CA 94704


30.  Peter Sturges, Educational Law Attorney


a.      1404 Bernal Ave

b.     Burlingame, CA 94010

c.      415-254-9141


31.  Rebecca L. Northcutt, Attorney


a.      For Disability And Special Education Rights

b.     520 Mission St, Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

c.      831-423-2609, Justic4all@Aol.Com

d.     www.Rebeccanorthcutt.com


32.  Ruth M. Hargrove, Attorney


a.      California Western School Of Law

b.     Children's Rights/Civil Rights Law

c.     Legal Services For Internet Users And Creators

d.     New Media Rights

e.     http://Www.Newmediarights.Org/


33.  Sally Smith, Fees Specialist Attorney


a.      San Diego CA

b.     858-278-4275

c.      majsmith@pacbell.net


  1. San Francisco Legal Services For Children


a.      Intake 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

b.     415-863-3762


35.  Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz


a.      San Diego Ca 92106

b.     Education Law.

c.      Website 619-354-7442


36.  Vasquez Estrada & Conway


a.      Education Law

b.     San Rafael, Ca 94901

c.      415-233-4589


37.  Walker & Reed


a.      Monterey, Ca 93940

b.     Education Law

c.      Website


  1. Youth And Education Law Clinic


a.      Stanford Law School, California

b.     Free: Special Ed., Suspension/Expulsion

c.      Bill Koski, Director

d.     650-724-3718,    

e.      bkoski@stanford.edu


39.  Youth Force Coalition


a.      Police Brutality, Neighborhoods,

b.     Education, Wages, Healthcare

c.      Oakland CA 94607, 510-451-5466,

d.     youth@youthec.org http://youth@youthec.org


40.  Youth Law Center


a.      200 Pine Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA

b.      415- 543-3379, info@ylc.org    




41.  Community Relations | Tuck Sleep – Works On


a.      Down Syndrome and Sleep, ADHD and Sleep,

Autism and Sleep

b.     Kellen Smith at ksmith@tuck.com

c.      PO Box 61293, Seattle, WA 98141-6293

d.     Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter


42.  Disability Rights Education And Defense Fund


a.      National Law/Policy Center: Disability And Civil Rights For Disabled Children


b.     3075 Adeline Street, Suite 210

c.      Berkeley, CA 94703

d.     510-644-2555 And 800-348-4232

e.      Ask For Educational Advocate

f.      http://www.Dredf.Org/     

43.  Disability Rights Advocates, DRA


a.      Protects people with disabilities

b.     449 15th St, Suite 303, Oakland 94612

c.      510-451-8644


44.  Disability Rights California


a.      See http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/

b.     For California locations call 800-776-5746


45.  Disability Rights Education And Defense Fund

Other Web Locations:


a.      www.Supportforfamilies.Org

b.     www.Taskca..org 

c.      www.Facebook.Com/Supportforfamilies


46.  Exceptional Parents Unlimited


a.      4440 N. First Street, Fresno, CA 93726

b.     559-229-2000

c.      www.info@exceptionalparents.org


47.  FCMAT, Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team


a.      Special Education Resources

b.     Bakersfield and Petaluma Offices

c.      http://www.fcmat.org/


d.     Present Education Questions At


Submit Questions At Bottom Of Page


48.  Matrix Parent Network And Resource Center


a.      94 Galli Drive, Novato Ca 94949

b.     800-578-2592, 415-884-3535

c.      Www.Matrixparents.Org  

d.     Www.Matrixparents.Org    


49.  Protection And Advocacy, PAI


a.      Disabilities Advocacy

b.     449 15th St Suite 401, Oakland 94612

c.      510- 839-0811, 800-776-5746


50.  Rebecca L. Northcutt, Attorney


a.      For Disability And Special Education Rights

b.     520 Mission St, Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

c.      831-423-2609, Justic4all@Aol.Com 

d.     www.Rebeccanorthcutt.Com 


51.    Rowell Family Center Of Northern California


a.      962 Maraglia Street, Redding, Ca 96002

b.     530-226-5129, 877-227-3471

c.      www.rfenc.org


d.     Paradise Ca

e.      530-876-8321,888-263-1311

f.      http://www.rfenc.org/




52.  California Association of Directors of Activities, CADA 


a.      Statewide Network For Activity Directors

b.     Santa Cruz, CA 95062

c.      831-464-4891; http://cada1.org/


  1. California Association of Student Leaders, CASL


a.      Providing A Forum For Student Expression

b.     Sandra Kurland, CASL Coordinator             

c.      619-957-9107

d.     leadership@cada1.or

e.      mailto:leadership@cada1.org


  1. California Association Of Student Councils, CASC


a.      Leadership Training For Elected Officers

b.     Oakland CA 94612; 510-834-2272

c.      junethompson@casc.net

d.     www.casc.net    


55.  California Education Code


a.      See http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov,

b.     Select CA Law, Education Code EDC, Expand All.


56.  California Commission On Teacher Credentialing

Sacramento California


a.      Home http://www.ctc.ca.gov/

b.     Reporting Educator Misconduct

c.      http://www.ctc.ca.gov/educator-discipline/default.html

d.     916) 322-4974, option 1


57.  California Watch


a.      Largest Investigative Reporting In California

b.     http://californiawatch.org/about

c.      See K-12, Top.


58.  C-Beyond


a.      Youth Organizing In Concord CA

b.     Outreach, Newspaper, Leadership

c.      925-676-6556

d.     cbeyond@igc.org     


  1. Child Advocacy Consulting In


a.      Massachusetts, New Hampshire and South Maine

b.     http://www.childadvocate.org/


60.   County Child Protective Services, Oakland CA


a.      For Child Abuse, Neglect And Other Issues…

b.     401 Broadway, Oakland, CA

c.      510-259-1800, 24-hour line

d.     See Your County Listing


61.  Ed100


a.      A Free, Online Course That Teaches You How The California Education System Works.


b.     Each Lesson, In English Or In Spanish, Takes About 5 Minutes.


c.      https://www.facebook.com/Ed100.org


d.     https://ed100.org/


62.  EdSource


a.      Reporting On California Education

b.     Free Newsletter

c.      http://www.edsource.org/home.htmt


63.  Electronic Frontier Foundation


a.      Legal Assistance For Internet, Speech, Privacy,

b.     San Francisco CA 94110

c.      https://www.eff.org/

d.     415-436-9333


64.  Equality California


a.      Largest LGBT Advocacy Organization In CA

b.     8350 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood CA

c.      323-848-9801

d.     www.eqca.org


65.  First Amendment Coalition


a.      Defending Your Right To Know

b.     http://www.firstamendmentcoalition.org/


66.  Gay-Straight Alliance Network, GSA


a.      National Youth Leadership Organization



b.     National/Statewide/Headquarters

1550 Bryant St., San Francisco CA 94103


c.      Southern California Regional Office

1313 West 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017



d.     California Central Valley Regional Office



  1. GLSEN, LGBTQ Education Advocates


    1. www.glsen.org
    2. educators@glsen.org or students@glsen.org
    3. Find local Chapters at www.glsen.org/chapters.


68.  Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual And Transgender Nursing Home Advocacy


a.      Brian Mitchell, Director

b.     1330 Boylston Street, Suite 400

c.      Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467

d.     NursingHomeAbuseCenter.com/lgbt/

e.      (800) 478-0520


  1. Illegal School Fees Information


a.      Wendy Gumb

b.     No More Pupil Fees

c.      https://www.nomorepupilfees.com/


  1. Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education


a.      (PTAVE) Alamo, CA 94507

b.     925- 831-1661

c.      "Project No Spank" at www.nospank.net   

d.     Essential Reading To Protect Children At

e.      http://www.nospank.net/main.htm


71.  Project Clean: Safe, Sanitary Restrooms


a.      Tom Keating

b.     Box 125

c.      Decatur GA 30031

d.     404-373-4973

e.      keating.projectclean@gmail.com


72.  Shaping The Future Of Nursing


a.      Christine Beck, Outreach Coordinator

b.     1001 McKinney St. Suite 400

c.      Houston, TX 77002


d.     christine@nursing.org Website


e.      Financial Aid Guide for Nurses: https://www.nursing.org/resources/financial-aid/


f.      Financial Aid Guide for Minority Students: https://www.nursing.org/resources/financial-aid-for-minority-students/


g.     See projected shortage of nurses.


  1. Student Attendance Review Board, SARB


a.      California State Department Of Education

b.     David Kopperud, Director

c.      916-323-1028

d.     dkopperud@cde.ca.gov


74.  Students Matter - Griffin Schein - Non-Profit


a.      Dedicated To Quality Public Education

b.     323-892-2080

c.      jmatthews@griffinschein.com

d.     http://studentsmatter.org/


75.  Wendy Gumb


a.      Excellent Website On Fighting Illegal School Fees

b.     “No More Pupil Fees”

c.      https://www.nomorepupilfees.com/


  1. YO! Youth Outlook


a.      Monthly Publication By And For Young People

b.     San Francisco CA 94104

c.      415-438-4755

d.     http://youthoutlook.org/ 


  1. Youth Radio


a.      Award-winning media production

b.     Trains young people in digital media and technology 1701 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

c.      510-251-1101

d.     https://youthradio.org/


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Table Of Contents